Xero Feature Roundup: What’s New as of April 2018?

May 14, 2018

Xero Feature Roundup: What’s New as of April 2018?
May 14, 2018 — During their recent product release update, Xero officially announced a new set of features added to their accounting software.

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Here is a roundup of the latest developments made for Xero accounting software as of April 2018:

  • Modifications in User Permissions Page / User Role in Xero Projects
  • Unified Passwords for XPM and Xero Tax
  • Mobile Updates
  • Attach Files to Questions (Xero Ask)
  • Updates on PDF Files

Modifications in User Permissions Page / User Role in Xero Projects

This new version of Xero’s User Permissions page still comes up with the same features — except with some changes when it comes to wording. Check out our recent blog for you to learn more about this feature.

For Xero Projects users out there — the platform now also allows you to setup levels of user access in your account. Listed below are three user role options to choose from:

  • Admin – this user role gives you limitless access within Xero Projects.
  • Standard – this user role still has the same features as admin – except for limitations such as viewing staff cost rates.
  • Limited – Read only access (except for cost, as well as profitability info)

Check out this article for you to learn more about these features in Xero.

Unified Passwords for XPM and Xero Tax

No more separate logins for both Xero, Xero Practice Manager (XPM) and Workflowmax, for you can now use one Xero login to access all of these accounts. You can also use 2-step authentication to further secure your account.

Mobile Updates

Here is a list of things that you need to know about the recent changes made for mobile:

a. iOS and Android

  • Receipts tab is now “Purchases” tab.
  • Bill Management – you can now view unpaid bills online.
  • Copy Invoice – users can now copy invoice details once they create another invoice, therefore removing the need for data entry, thus saving you time and effort.
  • Send Invoices via iOS/Android – users can now share invoices to any of their preferred app.

b. for Android

  • Manage Contact Directly from Invoice – You don’t have to leave your invoice/quote when checking out contact details in Xero, for you can now view and edit your contacts even if you’re in the invoice/quote window.

c. for iOS

  • Copy Quote details – much like the Copy Invoice Detail option for Android, users of Xero for iOS can now also copy details of quotes to another quote.
  • Updates in Tax Settings – default tax types in your Xero web version can now be applied within the mobile version.
  • Print invoices via AirPrint – you can now print Xero invoices using your printer with the help of AirPrint.

Visit this article for you to know more about the latest developments that were added to Xero for Mobile.

Attach Files to Questions (Xero Ask)

Asking questions to your client can sometimes be of a hassle, especially if you can’t pinpoint where the issue actually is — During Xero’s latest release, users can now attach files to any questions that they create in Ask, making things a bit easier and straight forward for you and your clients.

Updates on PDF Files

For iOS users, it’s now possible to view and download a PDF copy of your invoice by going to the “Create PDF” option.

Also, another feature that was added in the web version was the ability of users to automatically create a draft bill from a PDF bill that was sent via email.

Want to know more about the newest updates in Xero? You can check out this blog or visit Xero Central and Feature Timeline page.

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