Xero Feature Roundup: Releases as of September 2018

Written by Marvin Galang

October 31, 2018

October 31, 2018 — Xero announces its new set of product releases for the month of September. This month’s wave of updates would particularly focus on improving view for profit & loss report, as well as income statements, Xero HQ and Expenses.

Here is a recap of Xero releases for the month of September 2018:

  • Intuitive View of Profit & Loss (Mobile)
  • Percentage Columns on Income Statements (New)
  • XPM/WFM Update
  • Staff Notifications in Xero HQ
  • Reactivate Option (New)
  • Projects and Expenses: Staff Cost Rates and Multi Page Support

Intuitive View of Profit & Loss (Mobile)

Users can now get a quick view of their profit and loss, along with a detailed breakdown of their spendings and income inside the mobile app.

In addition, users can also view comparisons between periods with the help of the Percentage Comparison functionality, which lets them compare their past P&L with its current report, thus making it a lot more easier to track the movement of business profits, based on their desired period parameters.

Percentage Columns on Income Statements (New)

Aside from Percentage Comparisons, Xero’s Income Statements now also has a new Percentage Column functionality, which lets you easily track your revenues based on the movement of percentage for each period. Check out this article to learn more.

XPM/WFM Update

Users of both Xero Practice Manager and Workflowmax now has the ability of selecting jobs in bulk, and remove all of them in one go within the invoice list and job manager menu.

Staff Notifications in Xero HQ

For users of Xero HQ, users such as Practice Team members would already get notified whenever a new client comes in — this means pure visibility for all staff that goes in and out of the platform.

Reactivate Option (New)

Reactivate button has just been added in case you wanted to use your deleted or cancelled account with Xero — So, if you’re this user who just happened to be someone who still haven’t used Xero for a while, then this new option can easily help you regain such access, and get back on track with your books in the accounting software.

Projects and Expenses: Staff Cost Rates and Multi Page Support

For Xero Projects, options like “project staff cost rates” were moved from Project settings to the Projects tab in order for you to easily access this function.

Also, for other platforms such as Xero Expenses, there’s no need for you to edit receipts just to fit them all in one claim, for Expenses now has a multi-page support feature which lets you drag multiple pages of PDF receipts into those claims in the system.

Want to know more about the newest updates in Xero? You can check out this blog or visit Xero Central and Feature Timeline page.