Humanizing accounting at Xerocon 2019

June 28, 2019

Humanizing accounting at Xerocon 2019

As a co-founder of Double Rule, I was given the privilege to attend Xerocon San Diego a week ago. Together with our team we were able to touch base on various topics, all of which are integral parts to start running a successful business.

Xerocon as a personal experience

Our company makes sure to focus on our customer experience first. This is the main reason why we highly believe on Xero. With much assurance, Xero stands out among different cloud based services because of their personal approach. They coined the term “the human ripple effect” in which there was much emphasis on Xero functioning not only as a company but as a group of individuals working together with a heart.

A couple of months ago, one of our employees passed away. He’s just a regular employee and his family needed financial help in order to pay the final medical bills and funeral expenses. By chance, the office of Xero Singapore found out about it and immediately pulled money out of their own pockets and donated to the family of our deceased employee. True enough, beyond emerging new technologies through AI & Robots, this deep personal connection is unbeatable. Empathy is something that cannot be taught nor bought. And that is what you call the human ripple effect.

Being part of the Xero ecosystem makes me feel very special. Attending these kinds of Xero events has evolved from bringing in insightful new best practices to taking time each year to humanize our personal connection and experience with our clients. Through the process of unlearning and experimentation, I believe that we’ve evolved into a better person, a better practice.