Empowering Business Without Full-Time Manpower: Is it Possible?

November 16, 2017

Empowering Business Without Full-Time Manpower: Is it Possible?

One of the current trends in today’s world are companies using technology to fill out the role of actual assets in order for their business to move forward. Much like for example, companies like Uber were referred to as TNVS (Transport Network Vehicle Services) providers, despite the fact that they never own any actual transportation assets such as cars, and people.

But for a small business owner who wants to save time and money from paying full time employees, is this also applicable? Of course it can, with the help of technology, and through outsourcing.

Wearing Too Many Hats is a Struggle

“If you want something done right, do it yourself” — This might always be the case if you’re a small business owner who would just wear all the hats in order to save money from hiring full-time employees.

Now, if you’re both functioning as the CEO and the rockstar CFO, sometimes, things might get harder especially when it comes to tracking budgets and other things that might affect the course of your financials.

Another thing is that once a business grow, there might even be instances of an entrepreneur being worn out, to the point that he/she can’t effectively handle business operations anymore.

Just imagine the perks of being a full time business owner where you would spend your business days, weekends and even holidays working on stuff that you don’t wanna do (such as accounting, bookkeeping, etc.), but needs to get it done, and no one is there to carry your workload whenever you need to take breaks or even vacation.

Sometimes, with that stress jar starting to fill up, it might get hard for you to take on workloads and end up turning them down; and at the end of the day you might just ask yourself: “Why did I get myself into this kind of mess?” while singing Susan Boyle’s “I Dreamed a Dream” in your desk while crying.

Further stressing the question: Is there any hope for me to handle all these tasks without sacrificing my budget on hiring employees?

Outsourcing as A Solution

Manpower outsourcing or simply called as “Outsourcing” is one of the most efficient ways on saving costs in finishing some tasks without the option of hiring full-time staff. With outsourcing, an external company would be the one carrying out the managerial role for tasks in behalf of another client firm.

Outsourcing started out as a somewhat “band-aid” solution for companies who wants to finish short-term tasks. The thing is, why would you need to hire full-time staff if the duration of a project would only last for about 3 months?

Their solution is to temporarily hire someone from an agency provider who will do those task, likewise the agency provider would recruit, supply and does the managerial stuff for the client.

One of the greatest benefits of outsourcing is that you, as the client would get to focus more on your primary responsibilities. You know that you can sit on your laurels everyday, knowing that someone else is doing the tasks that you, yourself are having difficulties with.

This trend turned out to be a big hit, especially for large companies, for it truly saved them time and cost. As of late, businesses like IT firms, call centers, mortgage companies and now even TNVs such as Uber had started to rely on this concept.

Benefits of Outsourcing

Some of the known benefits of outsourcing are the following:

  • Helps you concentrate in your primary work objectives
  • It reduces cost.
  • Gives you flexibility in hiring
  • Lowers pressure for HR department on hiring skilled workers
  • Gain expert services that you need for a short span of time for short term projects
  • You’re assured that absent employees are covered, and tasks are in smooth sailing

Aside from the factors mentioned above, another cool reason for choosing outsourcing is because of the fact that it would help you on your quest of searching the right employee for your business. There are even possibilities that you would have the option of absorbing the staff, based on your negotiations with the outsourcing provider.

By Double Rule