Efficient Client Collaborations with Ask for Xero HQ

October 11, 2017

Efficient Client Collaborations with Ask for Xero HQ
October 10, 2017 – Tuesday — Xero officially launched Ask for Xero HQ, a new feature which allows accountants and bookkeepers to easily collect information and create effective collaborations with clients within the platform.

Image credit: Xero Blog

The Pressure in Collecting Client Data

Xero believes that gathering client information may be a hard task for some, and that sometimes, requesting paperworks is a bit stressful, especially during processing of period-end accounts.

Meet Ask for Xero HQ!

This feature in Xero HQ dashboard gives you the ability to send out questions with your clients and be able to assign a portal where they can deliver their replies.

How “Ask” Works?

With Ask in Xero HQ, you can search for your client’s records and send direct queries to them through their email address. These queries can be sent to them even if your clients still doesn’t have an organization in Xero. All they need to have is a Xero HQ client record to get collaborations up and running. In order for the client to respond, clients only need to log in via a secure email invite from you as the accountant/bookkeeper. If your client does already have a login, then he/she can already proceed to the conversation.

Another good thing is that, just like in other project platforms, all queries as well as responses from clients are stored within Xero HQ, making it easier for you to track progress on your workflow and be able to efficiently manage your practice in Xero.

Ask will be available to all users of Xero HQ by the end of this month. To learn more, you can check out this blog and see how this new feature will further enhance your Xero HQ experience.

By Double Rule