Bill.com Launched International Business Payments

August 29, 2018

Bill.com Launched International Business Payments
August 20, 2018 — Bill.com announced the launch of International Business Payments which would enable customers of paying their vendors across all parts of the globe using the payment solution, allowing transactions to flow smoothly within businesses.

Introducing International Business Payments

This expanded service from Bill.com allows customers to pay their vendors internationally, with its process same as creating domestic business payments within the system.

Simply put — International Business Payments aims to make global transactions a bit more simpler and cost-effective, in a sense that this feature would save you 50% from paying costly amounts like wire transfer fees.

What’s in this New Bill.com Feature?

Much like everything that you loved about Bill.com, International Business Payments still comes with the best features that only Bill.com has to offer, especially when it comes to approval, vendor management, PDF file storage and of course, seamless integration that would always keep your Bill.com account updated in real-time, in line with your favorite cloud accounting software.

For users of Bill.com, you can start trying out this new service for a special promotional price of just $9.99 per transaction.

Image credit: Bill.com

Bill.com International Business Payments is now available in over 25 countries, and is scheduled to become available for all Bill.com customers by the end of August. You can visit Bill.com’s FAQ section to learn more about this new feature.