Presenting The All-New Xero UI Navigation

November 29, 2018

Presenting The All-New Xero UI Navigation
November 29, 2018 — Whenever you log into Xero lately, you might notice that there’s something new within its interface. Don’t worry folks, for there’s nothing wrong with your account, it was actually one of the few modifications made throughout Xero’s UX design.

Simple is Beautiful

The software company believes that ease of access and simplicity are the most important ingredients in making a business solution efficient and “beautiful”, which is why they added these changes to their accounting software in order to make things a lot more easier for those who are using Xero.

1. Easier Access

The all-new UX design was made in order for you to easily access everything that you need in Xero, such as Workflowmax, Xero Projects, Project Manager and more.

Imagine, with shortcuts like Workflowmax and App Marketplace now available in the menu sidebar, you don’t need to open another tab or even use separate credentials just to access the things that you need — since all of them are now included inside the menu bar of the platform.

2. Searching for Orgs?

So let’s just say for example that you are handling 10 organizations at once. Once you are finished with an organization, your next step is to type the name of the organization that you need to go through next within the search field, and type a couple of letters before the one that you’re looking for shows up in the list.

The new UX design still comes with the same semantics — only this time, you’ll need to click the Change Organisation link before you search for the orgs that you want.

3. Business and Accounting Menus

Two new menus are also added: Business and Accounting.

For the Business menu, things such as Invoices, Bills and Expense Claims are rolled inside this section, while Inventory, instead of having a separate tab, also falls inside this menu under the Products and Services option.

The Accounting menu on the other hand, contains options like Reports, Bank Accounts as well as fan-favorite tools such as Find & Recode, Chart of Accounts and many others.

Check out this article for you to see the full details of this announcement. You can also visit Xero Central to learn more about the features added to this new interface design of Xero.