Our Team


Marvin Galang


Visionary. Mentor. Father. — These three words can simply describe Marvin as our Chief Process Officer here at Double Rule.

As a Certified Public Accountant with units in Master of Business Administration, Marvin started off as an auditor and had the chance working with several industries in Accounting, Information Technology, banking and finance as well as government and manufacturing.

Later on, Marvin’s journey to the corporate world led him to his true passion, which is small business. Using his extensive skills in both Accounting and Information Technology, he started Double Rule, an Accounting firm in the United States that combines the concepts of both cloud-based systems and Accounting, which is dedicated in helping startups thrive, and adapt with today’s technology.

He is also the founder of JuanTax, a cloud-based tax software in the Philippines, that automatically calculates, generates and electronically files the data and forms to the BIR.

Marvin sees more of himself as a “disturber” of the status quo — A person who never settles on what has been accomplished, but looks for opportunities that will improve things, and make lives better.

Jenny Galang


Jenny is a great mother of four, and the Co-founder of Double Rule LLC.

She’s a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a major in Computer Applications, and before she founded Double Rule in 2013, Jenny had experienced working with industries that focuses mostly on tax and accounting.

Jenny is also the Market Head for JuanTax, a cloud-based tax software in the Philippines that automatically calculates, generates and electronically files the data and forms to the BIR.

As the company’s Director of Operations, Jenny uses her skills when it comes to both management and financial accounting in keeping everything balanced within the company, and informing everyone not just of the corporate details but also with ‘socially’ relevant issues.

Alan Herrera

Operations Manager Accounting

Considering himself as an “IT” guy, Alan also happens to know a lot about accounting. He previously worked with industries such as information technology, e-commerce, legal and BPO, which made him a trusted pioneer of Double Rule.

Alan’s work focuses mainly on outsourcing, as well as Xero conversion and bookkeeping catch-up services.

Silent. Reliable. Generous — These three words could simply describe Alan as a person. He loves to share his blessings with the people around him, and you could always expect the room to burst out in laughter whenever he pulls a joke!

Gretchen Alvarez

Operations Manager

“Che” as we all call her, took her career gear up and climbed her way through the ranks from Chat Team’s Product Consultant to Team Leader, and now as an Operations Manager.

Aside from being a registered nurse, she also worked in the field of healthcare, telecommunications, Information Technology and most of all, customer service. Thus, the reason why she considers herself as an expert when it comes to customer service.

As a dynamic leader, she wants nothing better than new challenges. Keep it coming!

John Aaron Eseo

Operations Supervisor

John Aaron Eseo or simply “Aaron” is one of Double Rule’s finest lead product consultants.

“A” as what the team calls him, is a registered nurse and a licensed professional teacher. He has several experience in the field of health, technical support and quality assurance and now, he is cementing his legacy as one of the company’s most “beautiful” — and reliable customer support staff.

Regarded by many as a “team player”, Aaron likes to work with groups, big or small, and can be considered as a “great teacher” with a big heart.

Xero and Double Rule is the answer to “isn’t there a better way than QuickBooks?”. We’re in the current century with both technology and an expert team.

We got a grip on where our revenue was coming from and where our expenditures were going.

Double Rule was able to meet with me at the times I needed… when I want it, where I want it.

As a result of our engagement, my business books from 2013 & 2014 are up to date and my taxes were filed on time. I now have the confidence to work in Xero and know that my work is done properly.

At every decision point, financial impasse, and strategic crossroad, DoubleRule has been our first phone call for proper perspective, expert advice, and peace of mind.

Double Rule’s services have helped our small business grow, and the services they offer have grown with us making us a better company.

DoubleRule has allowed me to spend less time on our books, and more time on our company, which equates to less headaches, and more revenue.

I couldn’t have done our whole accounting system without Double Rule’s patience and their expertise.

It’s a pleasure working with Double Rule…they really take time to understand our business and be accessible whenever we need them.