Learning Xero by Heart

Xero is designed to make life easier for startups and firms when it comes to accounting dilemmas. With Xero’s portable and easy to use nature, surely everyone can learn the essentials of this beautiful accounting software.

What we want is for users like you to experience the benefits that this accounting system can bring to your business. That’s why there are many resources to choose from if you want to learn and master Xero. We have so many training manuals and videos which will show you everything you should know about this beautiful accounting software.

Features that can Take Your Business to the Next Level

An accounting system with high end security and 24/7 support, Xero comes with the best tools that will improve your business.


Create your custom electronic invoice and send it to clients.


Manage your business anytime, anywhere — Do invoicing and expensing even on the go.


Batch payments made easier — by snapping photos of your receipt.


Xero dashboard can provide you a visualization of your financials in real time.

Unli users

Collaborate with other users and view financial data at the same time.

Xero Works Well with Other Business Applications

Maximize your business to its full potential by integrating Xero with effective business apps.You can check out from our list of trusted add-on partners to see which add-on suits your business.

Automate the way you create contracts, invoices and quotes.

Pulls receipt and invoice information and stores the data to your Xero account.

Xero and Double Rule is the answer to “isn’t there a better way than QuickBooks?”. We’re in the current century with both technology and an expert team.

We got a grip on where our revenue was coming from and where our expenditures were going.

Double Rule was able to meet with me at the times I needed… when I want it, where I want it.

As a result of our engagement, my business books from 2013 & 2014 are up to date and my taxes were filed on time. I now have the confidence to work in Xero and know that my work is done properly.

At every decision point, financial impasse, and strategic crossroad, DoubleRule has been our first phone call for proper perspective, expert advice, and peace of mind.

Double Rule’s services have helped our small business grow, and the services they offer have grown with us making us a better company.

DoubleRule has allowed me to spend less time on our books, and more time on our company, which equates to less headaches, and more revenue.

I couldn’t have done our whole accounting system without Double Rule’s patience and their expertise.

It’s a pleasure working with Double Rule…they really take time to understand our business and be accessible whenever we need them.