Sy Buenavista

Senior Developer

Simon “Sy” Buenavista is a long-term Senior Web Developer of Doublerule, he has been with the company for 4 years now. Being one of the tenured developers, Sy pioneered a lot of projects — this includes JuanTax.

After graduating Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, he immediately started working on his experty which is Software Development.

He doesn’t just want to develop softwares, Sy is motivated by being remembered for doing it, for putting in so much hard work and effort and doing the best he can for top of the line results.

Anjo Tamondong

Junior Developer

“Anjo” is a graduate of Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology (BT-IT), and is currently a Junior Developer of the Dev Team at Double Rule.

After finishing his course of Bachelor of Science in 2014, Anjo proceeded working with the Software Development Industry, thus, made him an expert in Back-End Software Development

He believes that his ambitious attitude led him on the goals that he wants to attain in life. While some might say disappointment is the other face of ambition, Anjo would just say “screw them!”. He is determined to always keep on trying because being plagued by fretful “what if” scenarios is a NO-NO.

Maribeth Zulueta

Front-End Web Developer

Maribeth “Beth” Zulueta is a pioneer Web Developer of Doublerule. She has been with the company for almost 4 years now.

She has always been passionate with the Software Development industry since the start of her career. Not your typical pretty face — Beth is not just knowledgeable but an expert in Responsive Design. As a professional, she wants to be remembered by the things that she has contributed to the company.

Reliable. This is how workmates describe her. You can expect consistently good in quality and performance from her work; a trustworthy person.

Julio De Leon

Junior Developer

“Julio” graduated Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. He is well experienced in the Web Development industry and an expert in Programming. He also loves code optimization which is a method of code modification to improve code quality and efficiency that he surely applies to his work on a daily basis.

He is a smart, humble guy from the Dev Team with a curious-type of personality that allows him to find weaknesses on the codes he creates.

Sabrina Aviles

Junior Developer

Sabrina or simply called “Sab” Aviles is a part of Double Rule’s Dev Team. A pretty programmer with a unique sense of humor.

A bachelor degree holder, Sab’s skillset of specialties focuses mostly on Software Development, expertise that she’s now applying in her position as a Junior Developer.

Colleagues define her as a cheerful person, this is because when there are struggles facing her way, she is able to laugh and stay happy. Being positive helps her overcome her problems.

John Marie Salcedo

Junior Developer

“Jay” has always been in line with the IT stuff. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, with experiences that focuses more on the Information Technology, Development and Programming field side of things.

Jay is a curious cat, eager to learn; inquisitive. He’s always seeking for new things that is related with computer programming and is looking forward to become a programmer who would someday outsmart the world.

Joana Mae Hallarda

QA Specialist

Joana “Jo” Hallarda is one of our coolest QA Specialist.

She is a fresh graduate of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, and she experienced working as an I.T junior developer at Double Rule before becoming one of our newest acquisition, as part of the Dev team this year.

Joana likes to spend her time listening to music — and mind you that she’s not just your typical girl-next-door developer, for she is also filled with lots of wisecracks on her sleeve.

Xero and Double Rule is the answer to “isn’t there a better way than QuickBooks?”. We’re in the current century with both technology and an expert team.

We got a grip on where our revenue was coming from and where our expenditures were going.

Double Rule was able to meet with me at the times I needed… when I want it, where I want it.

As a result of our engagement, my business books from 2013 & 2014 are up to date and my taxes were filed on time. I now have the confidence to work in Xero and know that my work is done properly.

At every decision point, financial impasse, and strategic crossroad, DoubleRule has been our first phone call for proper perspective, expert advice, and peace of mind.

Double Rule’s services have helped our small business grow, and the services they offer have grown with us making us a better company.

DoubleRule has allowed me to spend less time on our books, and more time on our company, which equates to less headaches, and more revenue.

I couldn’t have done our whole accounting system without Double Rule’s patience and their expertise.

It’s a pleasure working with Double Rule…they really take time to understand our business and be accessible whenever we need them.