Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representative

Gretchen Alvarez

Operations Manager

“Che” as we all call her, took her career gear up and climbed her way through the ranks from Chat Team’s Product Consultant to Team Leader, and now as an Operations Manager.

Aside from being a registered nurse, she also worked in the field of healthcare, telecommunications, Information Technology and most of all, customer service. Thus, the reason why she considers herself as an expert when it comes to customer service.

As a dynamic leader, she wants nothing better than new challenges. Keep it coming!

John Aaron Eseo

Operations Supervisor

John Aaron Eseo or simply “Aaron” is one of Double Rule’s finest lead product consultants.

“A” as what the team calls him, is a registered nurse and a licensed professional teacher. He has several experience in the field of health, technical support and quality assurance and now, he is cementing his legacy as one of the company’s most “beautiful” — and reliable customer support staff.

Regarded by many as a “team player”, Aaron likes to work with groups, big or small, and can be considered as a “great teacher” with a big heart.

Jayson Abamo

Lead Product Consultant

As a lead product consultant, one of Jayson “Jhec” Abamo’s job is to guide customers who are using Xero by assisting them with queries they may have in using Xero and its Accounting capability as well as helping them know how Xero could benefit their business.

Considering himself as an “ambivert”, Jhec can easily adapt with any situations that is put in front of him and he can comfortably get along with teams — or yet, with just himself.

He’s the kind of person who will go on extraordinary lengths to keep a smile on the faces of people he cares about, no matter what the outcome means for him.

Ton Malonzo

Team Lead

Jose Antonio Segundo “Ton” Malonzo works as part of the product consultant team at Double Rule since September 2016.

Being a graduate of multimedia arts, Ton specializes in creating visual and special effects using computers or other electronic tools for animation in multimedia which in line, made him a good document services specialist during his previous work.

A sporty individual with a bit of mystery, Ton is also a Xero Certified Advisor and a fond aficionado of sports and outdoor activities.

Kriesel Gaspar

Product Consultant

Cool, calm and collected — these are the words that comes to our minds whenever we think of Kriesel.

Kriesel Gaspar is a member of our product consultancy team at Double Rule and this is her second job from being a school admin secretary last 2013.

As a self-proclaimed “street smart”, Kriesel is one of our fellow comrades who could easily get along with others with the assurance that you can take her anywhere without worries that she might get bored.

Maui Banag

Product Consultant

Maureen “Maui” Banag is currently working as a product/sales consultant at Double Rule.

This lady is a college graduate of Information Technology with an elective in Web Designing. She has experiences in working with industries such as Marketing, Accounting, Multimedia Arts and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).

Maui is well equipped with knowledge when it comes to web designing and multimedia arts. She goes about everyday, believing that flexibility — with a bit of sarcasm are quite good bedfellows in one’s personality.

Alyssa Mei Garcia

Alyssa Mei Garcia

Product Consultant
Sandra David

Sandra David

Product Consultant

Xero and Double Rule is the answer to “isn’t there a better way than QuickBooks?”. We’re in the current century with both technology and an expert team.

We got a grip on where our revenue was coming from and where our expenditures were going.

Double Rule was able to meet with me at the times I needed… when I want it, where I want it.

As a result of our engagement, my business books from 2013 & 2014 are up to date and my taxes were filed on time. I now have the confidence to work in Xero and know that my work is done properly.

At every decision point, financial impasse, and strategic crossroad, DoubleRule has been our first phone call for proper perspective, expert advice, and peace of mind.

Double Rule’s services have helped our small business grow, and the services they offer have grown with us making us a better company.

DoubleRule has allowed me to spend less time on our books, and more time on our company, which equates to less headaches, and more revenue.

I couldn’t have done our whole accounting system without Double Rule’s patience and their expertise.

It’s a pleasure working with Double Rule…they really take time to understand our business and be accessible whenever we need them.